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Gyakorló Általános Iskola és Gimnázium
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Thoughts and memories - búcsúzó nyolcadikosaink gondolatai

8. a osztály

'Lots of things changed:its name, its unique, but in my heart it'll be No. 1 Practising Primary School forever.'
'I love my classmates, my teachers and lessons in the school and I'm crying, because I have to leave that.'
'My 'career' started in the sixth grade when I joined Campanella, the school's quire. Basically it changed my whole life.'
'This school gave me the thing: you must be determined in life and show your talent to everybody.'
'Gyakorló is a home with a loving family. To leave is like a peaceful death, when we can say goodbye to our loved ones and die with the knowledge that everybody will carry in their hearts.'
'New doors will open for us, we can catch new chances, but we will never forget the way home.'
8.b osztály
'I don't know a place where I want to be just here. I feel like I'm coming home, I have so many good memories here.'
I' m happy to graduate from this school and start a new chapter in my life.
'I experienced so many things, like untraditional classes, school trips in Serbia, in England, in Zánka and other places in Hungary. I've got so many good teachers, who helped me throughout eight years, who made me smart and intelligent. I'm very thankful for them.'
' It was a pleasure that I could be a student in this school, and it was a pleasure to have the best teachers.'
'It's hard to leave, the friends, the building, it's such a bad feeling.'
'I always hated every single rule that I had to keep. But now I understand everything. I can't say thank you enough times to my teachers.'
'I think, I had the best in everything. I hope, I'm going to have a nice class in the next four years, but it will never be better. I think, I will come back to  this school to see, what's going on here.'
'All in all (education, teachers, students) our school is the best primary school in the city and I'm proud of being a student of it for eight years,' 



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